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... intelligent, approachable, and someone I could sit with for coffee and just listen and learn from. There is no high and mighty attitude here and I find that refreshing ...


Alan Fuller is a generous teacher ...

Kiri Pawo

Alan Fuller is an amazing author and teacher. He will introduce you to ... how you can bring these realms and practices into your own life.


OMG! Alan is such a powerful Teacher and Coach! Taking the Phoenix Rising 1-to-1 Program was THE BEST decision I EVER made!


Hey, y'all! I'm WitchAlan.
I help fellow Witches, Shamans, Sorceresses, Sorcerers, and other Magic(k)-Users to super-juice their magical, and spiritual practices so that they can rise from the ashes of the past, and take flight into the ideal lives they deserve.

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Psychology Isn’t Magic

I had this friend in my teen years. We’ll call her Lilly. She liked to call herself a Witch. And she would often sit cross-legged on the ground in the baseball diamond behind a church, and say she was “meditating.” She claimed to be able to do magic. She would close her eyes, mutter some chant under her breath, and open her eyes again. Lilly would say, “I mirrored the world … do you see it?” She literally thought that she had moved a tree from one side of the baseball diamond to the other. (I didn’t see it.)

8 Ways You’re Doing The Craft Wrong

Some of my fellow Witches are saying some pretty weird things. I mean, I get it: you want to appeal to people. You want to make everything – well, palatable. And I love all my Fam, I do. But some things you just can’t futz on. You have to tell it the way it actually is, or you end up teaching something that is so NOT the Craft. And what I mean is: Yes, there actually IS a WRONG way to do the Craft. And lately, there are lots of things I’m hearing that are, quite frankly, the WRONG

The Pipeline

A bit ago, I had a Clarity Conversation with a regular follower/Client. I don’t normally post about the conversations between a Client and myself unless something really good comes up. Two points made an appearance, and they deserve sharing. (We all forget these kinds of things from time to time.)

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